Poster variations for our first event

Me and a couple of friends are making av event in Oslo for all creatives. Anyone working within the creative industry or wants to get in contact with someone that does. Join in! Purely social and fun and most of all FREE!

We’re hoping to make this a monthly thing and we have loads of ideas about the future of Etter 5, but for now we’re going to have to gage how many people actually are interested in an event like this. 

Stay tuned. We’re hoping to launch this in the start of 2019! 

This is us planning away

Master Brush

A while back I was asked by Cosmedic to help them out with a logo for a cool new project they were working on. Creating their own set of makeup brushes. And now finally they have launched.


Agency: Creativemill
Regi/klipp: Ole Martin Halvorsen
DoP: Josias Dein
Prod ass: Angelique Culvin

Logodesign: Orhan Kuresevic

Check out the Master brush website here!

City type

Made some more variations with other city names. Had a lot of fun making these. Long times since I’ve worked with fonts in this way. 


Started on some colorizing, customizing and “3D”-designing typography.

Here are 4 versions of a random Oslo-logo I made whilst waiting for some feedback from a client on a different project. 

Working 9 to 5

Working 9 to 5 is a workspace giving creatives of all web and print trades access to equipment and officesupplies all while gathering them under one roof. Essentially you rent a desk in advance and you get access to the equipment you need like internet, printer etc. You can also buy supplies through them. Theres is also the possibility to rent meeting rooms, host talks, events and other gatherings pertained to the creative industry.  

Color drawing

I’ve recently started challenging myself with using the pen tool in illustrator to draw more and also too start making designs with more color in them. This is what I’ve come up with so far. 


Fretex (a part of the salvation army in Norway) was opening a new store in Tønsberg, and I got to help out with some frosting design. Definitely the loooongest print file I’ve ever made. Close to 16 meters! 

It was a good learning curve. I’ve made frosting designs before, but nothing like this. So many elements and with different frosting opacities too. Really pleased with the end result :) 


You guys might have guessed that I am very drawn to dark and “clean” photography. Lots of landscapes and portraits in an open studio space. I started a while back testing out doing drawings on photography. Ref. on the main page of my folio - the picture of clouds with floating crosses. I have been meaning to do more of it, but just never seem to fin the time. Until now that is. 

These amazing photos are sourced from the stock photo site Little Visuals, but I did do the editing! Hope you all enjoy them :) 

Nic, the author and photographer of little visuals sadly passed away leaving his work and website behind at the age of 26. His family are keeping the site online and you can contribute by donating to Hand on Heart Charity to provide a number of schools or sports areas with portable defibrillators in Nic’s memory. 

New Deal

Made a new logo for a sales campaign at work using the fonts from the visual identity of If.
Was fun only being allowed working with two fonts.


Video is not something I get to do a lot . I much prefer still photography to be honest, but these days my clients at my 9-5 have been requesting videos more and more.

Through Opplæringssenteret for visuell kommunikasjon in Oslo I got to attend a three day after effects course to test some things out and get a feel for the program. This video is what I ended up making. Nothing huge but it came together well. I’m proud of my squiggly line! 


I don’t do illustrations a lot. Not in my 9-5 or in my personal work either. I used to draw a lot but I guess these days it’s only logo designs etc. Not a comic or a portrait. Almost forgot how fun it was (and painfully annoying when you get stuck!) Anyways, got the opportunity to make something for work. Here hare some sketches. Unfortunately the client wanted to go in a different direction, but I can still show you guys! :) 



Sometimes you get the opportunity to collaborate with good friends and this project made me very happy. Together with norwegian artist OMVR and illustrator Julie Aida we made OMVR’s new single cover for UP IN THE AIR. The response has been amazing and people are loving the music! 

If you haven’t had a chance to listen, check out the song here!

Trondheim offices

A while back I was involved in decorating If insurance newest flagship offices. The job consisted mostly of consulting work, but I did get to do some awesome frosting designs for the meeting rooms and sourced some pictures for key walls around the space.

Recently got to go back up there (in Trondheim) to see how the people that worked there interacted with the space and to see the end result for myself. The feedback I got from the workers was amazing and we are looking into making elements from the Trondheim offices a standard for future renovations.

Got some pictures sent over the other day!  

Photos taken by Jonas Veiberg


I’ve been traveling a lot these days. Some for work and some for fun. I like the in-between places and I love to be at the airport. It’s not the overpriced food that does it, but rather to be a stranger amongst other strangers traveling. Observing or just reading a book. I only read when I’m traveling. Don’t think I have the attention span to be sitting still at a familiar place just reading. 

Anyways. I have been taking some photos on my phone and editing them as I go. Excuse the poor quality but I like them and I hope you do to…

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