Etter 5

A monthly creative get-together for anyone and everyone doing anything creative.

There was no lack of events in Oslo at the time, but there was nothing focusing on creativity and networking with a low bar for socializing. We wanted to bring people together regardless of work or studies. Have them befriend each other, learn something from our speakers, get inspired or even get a lead for a new job or a foot in the door.

Etter 5 was held at a newly opened bar in Oslo by the name of Bruket. The building was set to be demolished in a couple of years, but quickly became a meeting and co-working space for a lot of exciting startups and businesses in food, tech, urban development, environment, culture and music. 

We had a successful one-year run with nine events total over the course of 2019. Definitely hit the mark with offering a free and casual social event for all creatives, even those who don't see themselves that way. Incredible speakers i.e: Snapchat and TRY just to name a few. Big thank you to Bruket for letting us host at theirs, and thank you to everyone that stopped by.

Looking forward to similar projects in the future.

Facebook event header

Poster designs. These would change in color every month to signal a new event


Francesca Miani
Jørgen Magnussen
Orhan Kuresevic


Orhan Kuresevic


Kristina Victoria Hereid Henrichsen
Einar Christian Lindstøl

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